WAHM Business Directory is a subdivision of WAHM Media Group.  We are a co-op of moms brought together with a target to help out other work-at-home moms who run their own businesses from the comfort of their own home.  It is a struggle to try and get the right exposure to your business and this is why we are here.


We offer a comprehensive solution for any WAHM business even while on budget.  Aside from our website directory, we currently offer:

  • Advertising & Social Media Marketing
  • Printed Direct Marketing Services
  • Professional Graphic Design Services
  • Small Business Consultation
  • and more!


In addition to this directory, we have a special secret group for our members/fans on Facebook.  Contact us via our Facebook fan page to request to be added. This group is NOT a business swap group or home party sales swap group. What sets us aside of the rest of the Facebook groups is that we take pride in engaging with our members and making sure that the group is beneficial to their business needs.  We are not out to just fill in the spot for your list of joined groups, we want to be your colleague, your business partner, your mentor…your guidance to making your at home business succeed.