Have you heard of LipSense?

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Have you heard of LipSense?

LipSense is the premier product from Senegence. LipSense is a lip color that doesn’t smudge, budge, feather or kiss off!The products are all made in the USA, lead free, and never tested on animals. Its already taken many areas by storm. The discount is 20-50% off of the retail price, depending on the size of your order. You also get commission on five downlines down. You get 10% commission on all first level downlines. There are so many areas that haven’t discovered LipSense or the full line of clinically tested anti-aging products. The lip color is so remarkable that it is very easy to make a couple thousand a month in retail sales. So the downline commission is a happy bonus. The commission plan is the best in the business with woman making over 10k a month in commission in as fast as 9 months! If your plan is to make it to that level, I will help you, but its not gaurenteed. Check it out! At Senegence.com. If you’re ready to get started please use my number as your sponsor #215996. Once you sign up I will be emailed and set you up with training including a PFD that I made to go into a binder to help you walk into salons and sign them as a downline. I offer weekly training’s to my team, as well as challenges. Senegence is unique in the Multi Level Marketing world, no one gets a bonus or commission from a downline signing up. I would love to spend some time talking to you more about weather this is the right for you. There are no automatic shipments or monthly quotas! Thank you for your time. Jeybsen@yahoo.com

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