Success With Style: How to Create a Signature Look that Says You Mean Business

If you want to be considered as a serious contender for promotion then developing the style you project is the way forward. But style isn’t just about how you dress. Style is the whole package from the way you dress and wear your hair, the way you hold yourself to your level of inner confidence and charisma. It is being the very best version of you, true to your most important values. Maybe you have reached the point of ‘now or never’ – you need to change and create the life you truly want. Or maybe you are being passed over for promotions that you know you deserve. Whatever the reasons, you can achieve your goals with a plan, some knowledge and support, and a willingness to let go of the old ‘you’ and welcome in the ‘real you’. In this book, Executive Style Coach Sue Courtney shares the secrets that have helped top female executives to move swiftly and easily up the career ladder. She reveals how to reinvent your appearance and your life to get the career you want and deserve. To get to the top and to be successful on your terms, settling for okay is not good enough. Having an okay life, an okay job and looking okay won’t do any longer. You deserve better – you deserve the best, and in this book, you’ll discover how to do all of that and more!

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January 27, 2017

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