Are you the new face of AVON?
  • Join a company with more than a century of quality and service.
    Avon is more than makeup and skin care!  It’s fashion, jewellery,
    gifts and more!

    When is the last time you looked through a brochure?

  • I am inviting you to take me up on my challenge. Through conversations with many people— We all desire a quality life to support our families, communities and want to enjoy life without being financially stressed/limited. 

    Well my challenge to you is to free yourself from pre-conceived notions and to hear about a company started by a multi-millionaire, once homeless, who has now been placed in a position to start a business for everyday people like you and I. And he Doesn’t take a salary from the company!

    I am sharing this with you because it is changing my life and others on my team by just promoting the company and not selling/stocking products. Your current company/business/job maybe doing amazing and you don’t need any extra monthly income and that is great.

    But I have individuals keeping their current business and coming on board to my company also or actually being able to leave their other business all together because of this company’s compensation plan.

    If you are up to the challenge, take me up on my offer to attend one of our nearest informational parties, contact me through my website, or give me a call, number on website. This is just my opportunity to share and possibly help change the course of your financial future for the better. And if you don’t take me up on my challenge, than no problem. I am still here to support you in your endeavors when needed.

    Many Blessings!!!